Excuses and apologies.

The piece of literary work you and I are about to embark on will be an account of times had in this journey from here on in, it will swing without reason or warning between tasteless slop and genius and all the way back again. Most of it will be motorbike travel related, some of it will be interesting, and some sections will even be true.

One other thing, “Blog” the word is too often associated with dribble about some uninteresting pedestrian activity and bad photos of the writer’s every meal. I promise never to photograph my food, or tell you what time I had lunch. And for the sake of anyone trying to get any useful information out of this to plan their own trip, I’ll try to keep it succinct, and to the point as much as possible, which be warned, is likely to be not very succinct or to the point at all.

I also must apologize in advance for the impending tangents from the actual topic of this whole thing, for my uncanny ability to offend people by telling things as they are, for a general lack of coherence both in my thoughts and writing, and finally for my complete disregard for you, the reader.


5 Responses to Excuses and apologies.

  1. No need to apologize or make excuses. Ride your own ride and blog your own blog!
    Looking forward to updates from the road!


  2. roncon09 says:

    I wonder if anyone will notice if I copy and paste your excuses and apologies to the blog that I will begin soon.

    • Haha thanks, they say plagiarism is the one of the best forms of flattery! best of luck with the blog, let me know what the address will be when you decide!

  3. What’s up bro? Give us some update if you are still breathing.

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