The machine in question.

Here’s a bit of a info for anyone who is interested in the bike, it’s mods and what I’m bringing with me to keep it moving and making noise.

The Bike

...and awaiting destruction

All clean and waiting for the journey to begin tomorrow.

Like the worst of it’s Chinese predecessors, mechanical or otherwise, the bike goes by a couple of names depending on who you ask, in Paraguay it’s branded as a “Star – Amazonas 250” but it’s also been seen in Peru sporting badges like “Ronco – Demolition 250” and the sales documents say it’s a “Motostar, XY250-GY-A-CKD”, so it makes sense when I’m told the engine could be made by shineray.

Engine: 229cc air cooled single cylinder, 2 valve OHV Pushrod.
Compression ratio: 9.0:1
Weight: 128Kgs dry.
Fuel capacity: 10.1L including reserve.
Oil capacity: 1.1L
Price in Paraguay before registration: $1820USD.
Power: 16.8HP @ 7,000RPM, not that I’ll ever know when that comes around, since the rev counter needle is really just good to indicate whether the engine might have been running in the past 15 minutes or not.

Times it’s been really hot already: Heaps, but behaving fine now.
Metal shavings in oil after first 300km: Plenty.
Incidences of engine stalling in town for no real reason: More than plenty.
Difficulty of bottoming suspension out: Beginner.
Difficulty of getting carb mix right: Advanced. -always lean, but try finding jets here!
Cool as hell popping & backfiring on deceleration: Still most satisfactory.
Paraguayan warrants out for it’s owners arrest: Unknown.

¡El Bandito!

The mods & the tools.

In keeping with the theme of my last 26 years, I’ve kept the extra work to a minimum.
But I did install a super nifty USB power output to charge my GPS, camera or ipod. Here’s a photo of me butchering a perfectly innocent cigarette lighter adapter for it’s guts.

Voltage step down, 12V to 5.7…or so it says.

And with a strip of inner tube strapped tightly over the USB socket to cover it from the rain, it could be the tidiest piece of work I’ve ever done, how pro does this look?

Oh my, what is this tidy looking contraption?!

Pull the power switch and lift the strip of inner tube to the side and next thing you know – BAM! It’s USB charging madness just like that.

5.7VDC (?) up in this house!!

 I also hose clamped a piece of PVC pipe to the passenger’s hand hold for the tools and spares to go into – padlockable and everything, see top photo. To fill this, I’ve also made up a canvas roll of tools with a place for everything and usually everything everywhere else.

Some assembly required.

More is coming here in the next week or so!


3 Responses to The machine in question.

  1. fantail02 says:

    Cool as Rocket launcher on the side

  2. roncon09 says:

    Did these incidents of the motorcycle quitting begin before or after installing the charger? Second fantails comment on the rocket launcher. Is that a thermos for gas or pisco?

    • It’s always stalled, there’s no extra load on the engine with the charger connected, even the full beam headlight doesn’t make the idle dip, pretty sure it’s a fuel mixture issue.
      The PVC pipe is all of the above, a thermos to keep me warm until I can get to Peru to fill it with Pisco!

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