But what for?

It took 5 months just to figure it out.

That is, 5 months to figure out I could be a little different from the other travellers, and that I was unsatisfied with the ease of it all.

“South America – The untamed” people said, and as I write this I am sure I’m on the verge of finally finding it, but until then I had a problem.

They say it’s the first step to recovery, to be able to say “I have a problem” and it was a cycle, the routine would go something like this; you get on a bus, sit, wait, watch scenery escaping unexperienced, feel a good road be wasted beneath the bus tires, get off, check in to a hostel, hotel, motel, all the same, might as well go and see a sight like a good little tourist, oh yes and don’t forget to haul along a less than practical massive SLR for some happy snaps, that will be worthwhile. go eat at a restaurant or two, maybe see another sight but more likely go scour facebook for things to ‘like’

Sometimes the bus trips would involve a border crossing and passport stamps, great to help fool the untrained eye into thinking someone’s really travelled somewhere, my plan was for this to be repeated as necessary with the ultimate goal of lighting up the mental dashboard light indicating to myself that I’m sufficiently intrepid, and I mustn’t be far off – I mean, just look how many passport stamps I have now, right?


One Response to But what for?

  1. Sylvia Bowden says:

    This is really interesting Russell. Keep writing. Love Mum

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